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It’s hard to overstate how wonderful Brooklyn and the whole Casa & Cake team is! They made over 3 separate outdoor sitting areas for our home. When they realized our front porch was looking a little sad, they took it upon themselves to update several items that improved the curb appeal of our home. They managed to do a massive install (including the electrical needed to do two areas with string lights) in one day while my husband kept me out of the house. The results were absolutely stunning and brought me to tears!

- Desta - 

Just wanted to send over a note to say how much we love your design! My husband has told me a few times that he's been really impressed with how functional everything is and even little things we weren't initially sure about, like the little black and white stool, but we have learned the kids love to carry around and use because it's so lightweight.  You got our dollar to go really far while adding style and polish to the space with a style that really nailed something I didn't even know I was looking for.  Thank you again for all of your help!

- Jennifer -

When I wanted to surprise my wife with a backyard renovation, I knew I had one phone call to make. That was to Brooklyn at Casa & Cake! Working with Casa & Cake is like being on a home makeover show! They are so incredible to work with and are always trying to go above and beyond. One of the things I appreciated most was their ability to do outstanding work within our budget. They can mix high end stuff with inexpensive items to totally transform something. They are awesome and I have already recommended them to friends and family.

- Roberto -

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